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We provide advanced technologies to support and complete the others devices: with our optolectronics every specialist can make a very accurate postural check-up, through both cameras (videography 2D), both through high resolution podo-scanner for digital analysis of plantar loads.

Podoscan 2D

Our scanner 2D is an advanced tool for digital analysis of footprints and plantar loads. Through the analysis software freeStep, it allows to capture and  store the images and automatically measure and compare the possible asymmetries and angles of the foot to the ground.

At the same time, you can make automatic or manual measurements of angles and axes, identifying and marking directly on the patient’s  foot the possible discharge points, which you can send to the easyCad software.

An unique and integrated tool, that make easy the posture and foot analysis.

2D Videography

We offer high-definition optical detection tools to analyze posture and movemnets; our videographt systems, connected to the freeStep software, allow a complete morphological study of the patient:

  • Photo or video-recording of standing or moving patients, even during the posture test on the foot platform;
  • Complete morfological study (front and  side);
  • Finding body asimmetries;
  • Markers positioning, free/manual measurements, manual or automatic image calibration;
  • Reports exportable as PDF;
  • Importing images directly from digital cameras: maximum freedom in the acquisition phase.