Medisteps, together with its partners, gives the possibility of designing and producing orthotics and insoles through the web. The on-line platform Plantarweb gives the chance of a real-time connection with Medisteps orthotics lab in order to allow in real time the follow up of every step of the production procedure but also of the delivering procedure (ACS Hellas).

In detail, a standardized assessment is uploaded to the web (Plantarweb site) by the clinician with details such as medical history, photographic material, prescription data, plus all kinetic and kinematic measurements. This allows for a central database of all patients, fully protected from accidental loss (automatic back-up, etc) and combined with full statistical possibilities. There is full compatibility with most platforms in the market, so to minimize problems for the end-user clinician.

In this way the production of the orthotics follows a standardized procedure according to the international quality management standards, resulting to the immediate assessment of the data, design of the orthotic, production and sending of the product. A weekday 12-hour telephone support successfully addresses any issues that cannot be solved through the web application.

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