Multi-performing software

freeStep is an advanced software for the study of baropodometry, posture, biomechanics and humans-space relationship.

It is an only device with a central database, that can perform many activities: static and dynamic baropodometry, motion analysis, morphological video analysis, digital podography, Romberg’s test, cervical interferences study, statistical analysis and automatic reports.


  • Static, dynamic and stabilometric analysis;
  • 2D e 3D foot scanner;
  • Myoelectric detecting and baropodometric treadmill;
  • One touch print and comprehensive reports;
  • Statistical analysis;
  • 2D video analysis;
  • Bio-feedbacks for rehabilitation and muscle strengthening;
  • Live update through located servers;
  • Meetings and examinations managing planning.
  • Static Analysis

    • Examination of the plantar stance while standing, with or without shoes;
    • Visualization to points, high resolution, 3D and isobaric;
    • 250 frames in 5 seconds for greater realism;
    • Numerical informations about the distribution of  loads, surfaces, forefoot and hindfoot, barycenter and pressure points;
    • Automatic pressure reporting.


  • Dynamic Analysis

    • Gait analysis;
    • Curves and graphics viewer, podalic geometry, gait cycle, numerical values, resultant of the forces and   videography;
    • Automatic text refertation;
    • Saving and analyzing footprints for a detailed gait evaluation.

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  • Stabilometric Analysis

    • Valuation for studying the mechanisms of maintaining balance;
    • Romberg test (acquisition in bipodal stance with open and closed eyes);
    • High sampling rate (adjustable from 5 to 150Hz), for maximum viewing of micro oscillations and their vector components;
    • Status-kinesigram, Fourier analysis, curves of speed, ellipse containing the oscillations and numerical values.

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  • Podoscan

    freeStep allows to capture and  store the images and automatically measure and compare the possible asymmetries and angles of the foot to the ground.

    At the same time, you can make automatic or manual measurements of angles and axes, identifying and marking directly on the patient’s  foot the possible discharge points, which you can send to the easyCad software.

    podoscanner1 podoscanner2

  • Videography

    • Complete morphological measurement for identification of body asymmetries;
    • Tool for positioning markers, free measurements, manual or automatic calibration of the images;
    • Reports exportable as PDF;
    • Importing images directly from digital cameras: maximum freedom in the acquisition phase.


  • Other Functions

    EMG and biofeedbackData acquisition from surface electromyograph. Rehabilitation exercises and strength training on baropodometric footboard. Live updateAutomatic software update in real time through localized servers.
    One touch printClustered print of examinations, PDF exporting and emailing reports. Global reportPrint reports with unified values and normal range of tolerance, accompanied by pressure and stabilometric report automatically.
    Statistic centerStatistics on the activities and on the values measureted, synchronizable with a worldwide statistic center. Meetings planningDaily, weekly and monthly planning to manage meetings.