The problem is quite common:

Women that are facing serious or not-so-serious medical problems with their feet or body (scoliosis, leg length discrepancy) and can be assisted by the use of orthotic footwear are unable to do so because their profession requires the use of high heels.

Medisteps has developed a unique methodology to assess with precision the needs of a patient using high heels, and can create the biomechanically correct orthotics.

It is crucial to understand that a simple foot scan cannot be trusted to reflect the true load that a woman’s feet on high heels are bearing.

If a simple static foot scan’s results are used in order to create an orthotic for use in shoes with heels the outcome can be disastrous.

In Medisteps, the special shaping of the orthotic, the high-quality material and the innovating design is combined with a unique procedure of biomechanical assessment especially developed for women that in high heels!

Even in orthotics made for serious medical conditions we can offer solutions to use in shoes with heels and that is because women… have their own way! And that is absolutely respectable!