Medisteps is a specialized subsidiary of the Centre for Research & Medical Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Practice (CRRP), dedicated in orthotics, which can carry out the prescription, design and manufacturing of custom-made orthotics. Medisteps is directed by professionals inthe medical field, which guarantee the medical quality of Medisteps products.

 Custom made orthotics are medical products worn in the inside of the shoe in order to treat a specific condition and/or control the mechanics of the foot (and therefore body kinematics).

♦ Custom made orthotics, designed and manufactured in detail for each foot and condition, have nothing to do with pre-made insoles sold in pharmacies and in other retail stores.

♦ Medisteps orthotics are the ideal solution for your feet and/or your medical condition, because they are designed by medical professionals based on a series of clinical tests and multivariate analyses, and not just a simple footscan.

The consumer is advised to be careful of people with limited or no medical knowledge into biomechanics, that claim they can offer footscans or baropodometry and produce medical orthotics! Especially when offering free measuremnets or ridiculous low prices for custom-made medical orthotics! Your feet are in danger, sooner or later! Please, be advised to refer such incidents to the Panhellenic Society of  Physical Therapy , or to the Consumer Protection Organisations